Madingley Hall Wedding Shoot | Wedding Photographer Cambridge

I recently put together a wedding shoot at the lovely Madingley Hall in Cambridge, as it is such a fantastic background for a wedding.  The Hall itself is simply stunning and the well maintained grounds just have to be explored, there are just so many opportunities to get some great images on your wedding day.

I was overwhelmed with the generosity other wedding suppliers to help me put this wedding shoot together, as I couldn’t have done it without them.  From the bridal dresses to the flowers and a beautiful tea party every detail was styled to perfection.  Please see the end of this post for a list of suppliers who played a big part in this wedding shoot.

The shoot took place at the end of October and even though the day was a bit overcast it spared us any rain until the very end of the day, so we were lucky enough to be able to do a lot outside.

Here are a selection of images from the day:

Madingley Hall_0001Madingley Hall_0002Madingley Hall_0003Madingley Hall_0004Madingley Hall_0005Madingley Hall_0006Madingley Hall_0007Madingley Hall_0008Madingley Hall_0009Madingley Hall_0010Madingley Hall_0011Madingley Hall_0012Madingley Hall_0013Madingley Hall_0014Madingley Hall_0015Madingley Hall_0016Madingley Hall_0017Madingley Hall_0018Madingley Hall_0019Madingley Hall_0022Madingley Hall_0023Madingley Hall_0024Madingley Hall_0025Madingley Hall_0026Madingley Hall_0028Madingley Hall_0029Madingley Hall_0030Madingley Hall_0031Madingley Hall_0032Madingley Hall_0033Madingley Hall_0034Madingley Hall_0035Madingley Hall_0036Madingley Hall_0037Madingley Hall_0038Madingley Hall_0039Madingley Hall_0040Madingley Hall_0041Madingley Hall_0042Madingley Hall_0043Madingley Hall_0045Madingley Hall_0046Madingley Hall_0047Madingley Hall_0048Madingley Hall_0049Madingley Hall_0050Madingley Hall_0051Madingley Hall_0053

Bridal Dresses-Thistle Brides
Hair and Make Up-Karen Swanston
Wedding Cake-Luvcake
Tea Party Treats-The Secluded Tea Party
Wedding Stationery-Little Button Nose
Bride and Groom-Sarah and Nils