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Rob and Briony Engagement

Cambridgeshire Engagement Photography

Rob and Briony are getting married this year on the family farm and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be their wedding photographer.

Last year I photographed their engagement session on the Cambridgeshire farm.  We had some fantastic backgrounds and scenery to work with and some lovely weather as well; their gorgeous dog Willard was a lovely addition to the photos as well.

Here are some images from their session:

Engaged couple in a field with their dog in Cambridgeshire.Engaged Cambridgeshire couple in a maize field with their dog.Engaged Cambridgeshire couple in a maize field.

Dachshund cross dog.

Engaged couple sat on a bridge with their dog.Engagement session in a field with couple stood under a tree.

Couple stood in front of a willow tree.Cross Dachshund in a field.

Couple walking their dog up the drive from their home.Dog sat between it's owners feet.

Couple in front of home with dog between feet.Engaged couple in front of barn.

Couple in doorway of barn.Engaged couple sat in doorway with dog.

Cambridgeshire engaged couple sat in doorway with dog.Engaged couple stood in front of farm gate.

Engaged couple stood in front of farm gate in Cambridgeshire.Dachshund cross sat on a log.