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Cath Kidston | Commercial Photography

As I have now been working with Cath Kidston for the past two years, I thought I would put together a collection of some of the images I have taken for them in this time.

It has been a pleasure to work alongside this well known brand for the past two years and visiting their stores throughout the UK.  From as far afield as Abeerdeen, Belfast, Exeter and even Jersey I have seen my fair share of Cath Kidston stores and have enjoyed photographing every one.  From the vibrant colours and different patterns of the merchandise for sale in the stores, to the amazing job the VM team do in decorating the stores to make them all very individual.

It was especially exciting to photograph their new flagship store in Piccadilly last December, the biggest Cath Kidston store in the world.

Here are just a selection of the many images I have taken over the past two years:

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