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Cath Kidston:How to make a lampshade | Commercial Photographer

As a regular photographer for  Cath Kidston I was delighted to be invited to my local store in Cambridge to photograph an event where the participants were shown how to make their very own Cath Kidston lampshade.  I usually travel throughout the UK photographing the new Cath Kidston stores that open and have been doing this now for over a year.  I have travelled as far up as Aberdeen, across to Belfast and as far down as Exeter and across to Jersey.  The Cath Kidston stores are always so beautiful and try to incorporate an element of the town/city they are opening in in their design.

Here are a few images from the event:

CK Cam_0001CK Cam_0002CK Cam_0003CK Cam_0004CK Cam_0005CK Cam_0006CK Cam_0007CK Cam_0008

Click here to see the official Cath Kidston page which also includes a video on how to make your own lampshade at home.

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