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Engagement Photography London-Cathy and Ajay

I am really looking forward to Cathy and Ajay’s two day wedding this coming weekend at The Granary Estates, it should be a fabulous two days but more to follow on that.

In the meantime here is a few images from their engagement session back in May.  As Cathy and Ajay live in London we thought it would be a great idea to do some shots in London with scenes of the City and also the green backdrop of a local park.  Here are a few images:

Engagement Photography London_0001Engagement Photography London_0002Engagement Photography London_0004Engagement Photography London_0005Engagement Photography London_0006Engagement Photography London_0008Engagement Photography London_0009Engagement Photography London_0010Engagement Photography London_0011Engagement Photography London_0012Engagement Photography London_0016Engagement Photography London_0017Engagement Photography London_0018Engagement Photography London_0019Engagement Photography London_0020Engagement Photography London_0022



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