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Gorgeous Handbags and Purses by OJT Designs | Cambridge Commercial Photographer

A little while back I did a commercial shoot for OJT Designs in the 12A members club in Cambridge.  The designer is Olivia Tullett and she designs and makes by hand these stunning bags and purses.

To find out more about her work and you can find her website here.

Here are some of the images form the day:

OJT Designs_0001OJT Designs_0002OJT Designs_0003OJT Designs_0004OJT Designs_0005OJT Designs_0006OJT Designs_0007OJT Designs_0008OJT Designs_0009OJT Designs_0010OJT Designs_0011OJT Designs_0012OJT Designs_0013OJT Designs_0014OJT Designs_0015OJT Designs_0016OJT Designs_0017OJT Designs_0018

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