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High Rise Movie Preview in Cardiff

I have always loved watching movies, which is no surprise as I am a very visual person and that is why I enjoy photography so much; whether the image be still or moving it totally captivates me.  I just enjoy being completely absorbed into the world of movies created from ideas of writers and directors, it is a time that you can shut off from your own world and enter a new one.

So when I came across the opportunity to get tickets to watch a preview of the new movie High Rise with a Q&A afterwards with the Director Ben Wheatley and one of the stars Luke Evans I jumped at the chance.  We were already booked on holiday that week to the Forest of Dean and this event was in Cardiff, so only about an hour away-perfect!

The movie High Rise was amazing, it was definitely a visual rollercoaster ride from start to finish.  Based on the book by J G Ballard it is set in the 1970s in a high rise of apartments, where the higher you are up in the tower block the higher you are deemed to be in social class.  Even though set in the 1970s it could have just as easily been set today and shows how classes in society are divided, if often only in the head of some society members full of their own self importance; in the movie anarchy quickly ensues when these boundaries are overstepped.  There were lots of ‘laugh out loud’ moments in the film and also some ‘can’t look’ moments!

I would highly recommend you to go and see this film, Ben Wheatley is a genius and Luke Evans performance in the film was outstanding as Richard Wilder.  You can tell from watching the movie that all the cast and crew must have had the best time making it.  High Rise also stars Tom Hiddleston, Sienna Miller and Jeremy Irons to name but a few of the star studded cast.

The Q&A after the film was a great experience and so so funny, with a great insight from Ben and Luke into some of the thoughts behind the film.  I took the opportunity to take a few photos of the introduction and Q&A.

Thank you to Chapter in Cardiff, Ben Wheatley and Luke Evans for making this a great event and for being so generous with your time.  After the Q&A Ben and Luke stayed to sign autographs and I managed to get this great ‘selfie’ on my phone with Luke.  Maybe one day I will get to photograph them in a professional capacity!




Photos from the Introduction and Q&A:

High Rise Preview Cardiff_0002High Rise Preview Cardiff_0003High Rise Preview Cardiff_0005High Rise Preview Cardiff_0006High Rise Preview Cardiff_0007High Rise Preview Cardiff_0008High Rise Preview Cardiff_0009High Rise Preview Cardiff_0010High Rise Preview Cardiff_0013High Rise Preview Cardiff_0014High Rise Preview Cardiff_0015High Rise Preview Cardiff_0016High Rise Preview Cardiff_0019High Rise Preview Cardiff_0020High Rise Preview Cardiff_0021High Rise Preview Cardiff_0023High Rise Preview Cardiff_0024High Rise Preview Cardiff_0025High Rise Preview Cardiff_0026High Rise Preview Cardiff_0027High Rise Preview Cardiff_0028High Rise Preview Cardiff_0029High Rise Preview Cardiff_0031High Rise Preview Cardiff_0034High Rise Preview Cardiff_0035High Rise Preview Cardiff_0036High Rise Preview Cardiff_0037High Rise Preview Cardiff_0039



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