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Photography for Small Business Owners

I can work with you the small business owner to create eye catching images for you to use within your business.  Whether that be headshots, showing you within your working environment or maybe some product shots. All for you to use within your website or in print material to show off your brand.

Headshot Photography

I know that a lot of people, me included, really don’t like having their photograph taken but it really is an important aspect of your business branding and letting people get to know you. So let me take some photos of you that show potential clients who you are, the small business owner.

Product Photography

Capturing photos of what you do, or even products that you sell or make will help with your branding and send a clear message to potential clients of what you offer.  I spent a few years working freelance for the well known brand Cath Kidston, I was sent around the country photographing the wonderful store details and product ranges including their flagship store in Piccadilly, London where I even met Cath Kidston herself.

Event Photography

Do you run business events and/or workshops that you would like to document for your website, social media, magazines and printed materials.  I am experienced at documenting these events after spending several years working freelance for Common Purpose and CSC Leaders and documenting their leadership programmes and business academies.

If you have been thinking about introducing some images to your branding, then get in touch with so we can have a chat and let’s see what we can create together.